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Fast Affordable Leads for Insurance Agents

(Life and Health)


Most insurance agents find generating leads the hardest part of being an insurance agent. There are a lot of options when it comes to generating your own leads for any health or life insurance company. You can always just pick up the phone and start smiling and dialing. That’s how a lot of agents “cut their teeth” in the industry. And that’s probably also why burn out and turn over is so high.

We knew there had to be a better way. We studied the best way to generate very high intent leads, consulted with very expensive marketing gurus, paid 10’s of thousands in training and consulting fees to get their secrets and we’ve done tons of testing and still do.

Today we’ve developed a proprietary process to consistently generate high quality, high intent sales leads for life and health insurance agencies. Our process for generating insurance leads is a combination of messaging, advertising platforms, social media ads, some fancy technology to automate a lot of it and a lot of creativity and hard work.

We serve insurance agents and are proud to provide them with the highest quality life and health insurance leads in the industry. Let’s us know how we can help you achieve you goals in growing your agency.

Fast Affordable Leads

for Insurance Agents

(Life and Health)

High Intent, Inbound Requests, Long Form Leads that close.

We have leads coming in from lots of different sources that are looking for insurance. We handle everything from Life, Health, Final Expense, Burial, End of Life, Business Insurance leads.

Top Quality Leads

You choose method of contact, location and can customize the questions we ask the leads in order to be qualified.

Just the Leads and None of the Hassle.

Leads get sent to you via email, text message, google sheet or live call transfer.

What's your name?
What's your company information?
What's your best email and cell phone?
Fast Affordable Insurance is owned and operated by Popmix Media LLC

High Quality Sales Leads that will grow your business.

Choose How Many Leads you Need.

We can handle 1 to 10,000 leads a month. We can help any size agency volume.

High Quality Leads

We screen every lead based on your requirements. These are not resold over and over. These are exclusive leads produced just for you or your team.

Fast Delivery

Immediately follow up and delivery of the leads to you within seconds of them filling out the interest form and clicking submit.

100% Compliant Ads

We never use rates or "discounts" to get leads in the door. We only use strategies that are proven to have a high intent to buy.

Take your Call.

Live call transfers are sent directly to any number you choose. Or round robin leads to your entire team of agents waiting to take calls.

100% Opt-In Only

Proprietary follow up process ensures that leads don't get "lost in the cracks". These drip and follow up nurture sequences are

100% compliant.